Íslenska krónan

Íslenska krónanDie Isländische Krone / The Icelandic Króna

Competition Documentaries, Iceland 2015, 56 Min., iceland., engl. OV, engl. st

This documentary was originally intended to be a look at the pros and cons of Iceland joining the euro. But just months after production began in spring 2008, the filmmakers’ intent was overtaken by the dramatic Icelandic bank collapse. What has emerged in the seven years of production since then is an informative and fascinating portrait of the Icelandic króna. We journey from the currency’s beginnings in the late 18th century to the effects of the financial crisis in the wake of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, which threatened to sweep Iceland’s privatised banks along with it and force the state into bankruptcy. In the style of the book “Freakonomics”, the film attempts to elucidate the complex relationships between monetary policy, interest rates and prices, and includes interviews with numerous experts, some with differing opinions.

Director Gardar Stefánsson

Screenplay Gardar Stefánsson, Atli Bollason

Website www.litlidimon.is


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