Arvo Pärt – Isegi kui ma koik kaotan

Arvo Pärt – Isegi kui ma koik kaotanArvo Pärt – Selbst wenn ich alles verliere / Arvo Pärt – Even if I Lose Everything

Competition Documentaries, Estonia 2015, 90 Min., estn. OV, engl. st

Over the course of his life, Arvo Pärt might possibly have filled hundreds of notebooks with writing. For the composer, they serve as not only music workbooks and a place for new ideas, but also as diaries, in which he writes down everything that moves him – thoughts, experiences, issues in life. In “Arvo Pärt. 24 Preludes for a Fugue” (NFL 2002), director Dorian Supin followed the musician for three years during his indefatigable work process. This time, Supin uses the notebooks in an attempt to understand the person Arvo Pärt. The composer himself often responds with astonishment, amusement or emotion as he goes through the books with music journalist Immo Mihkelson. But that incomprehensibility provokes some philosophising and – paired with images of the composer in private life – results in a fascinating and intimate mosaic of this quick-witted artist.

Director Dorian Supin

Screenplay Dorian Supin



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