The Visit

The Visit

Competition Documentaries, Denmark 2015, 90 Min., engl. OV, germ. st

What if aliens visited Earth tomorrow? Institutions on our planet have been contemplating this scenario for years. The UN operates an Office for Outer Space Affairs in Vienna. Humans have been beaming signals into space ever since we were able to. But how a first contact situation would actually play out is anyone’s guess. Perhaps aliens would arrive in distress, motivated by curiosity – or perhaps they might bear more malicious intentions. Michael Madsen asked scientists and officials in charge of emergency response to participate in a thought experiment. They speculate on the real possibility of extraterrestrials and try to imagine the radically unknown. Their thoughts reveal a lot, especially about us. After all, humans are deeply interested in how outsiders see us. This film puts forward a scientific and philosophical hypothesis. This isn’t any old UFO flick: it’s genuine Science Fiction.

Director Michael Madsen

Screenplay Michael Madsen



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