Fassbinder – at elske uden at kræve

Fassbinder – at elske uden at kræveFassbinder – lieben ohne zu fordern / Fassbinder – To Love without Demands

Competition Documentaries, Denmark 2015, 106 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

Rainer Werner Fassbinder always said he wanted to be to film what Shakespeare was to theatre, Marx to politics and Freud to psychology. He certainly became one of the most prolific directors in cinema history. In the 14 years he was active, he directed 60 films. Danish filmmaker Christian Braad Thomsen first met the German director at the 1969 Berlin Film Festival, where the audience had just booed Fassbinder off the stage for “Love is Colder Than Death”. Over the following years, the two men became close friends and Thomsen filmed many conversations with Fassbinder that have never been made public – until now. The intimate interviews are complemented by remembrances and comments from some of Fassbinder’s friends and companions. The documentary is a very personal portrait of the rebel German director and his compulsion to keep working constantly.

Director Christian Braad Thomsen

Screenplay Christian Braad Thomsen

Website www.fassbindermovie.com


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