Ekstra Bladet uden for citat

Ekstra Bladet uden for citatDie Redaktion – Vertraulich / The Newsroom – Off the Record

Competition Documentaries, Denmark 2014, 97 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

The Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” has been published for more than 100 years. Very few Danes will openly admit to reading the tabloid with its lurid headlines, yet it has always sold like hotcakes. Until now. Since the international crisis in the newspaper market reached Denmark, circulation has been dropping dramatically from month to month. For some time now, the Internet has provided a source for up-to-date news and more audacious headline grabbing. But nobody has yet figured out how print publishers can earn money online. Each day, editor-in-chief Poul Madsen and his team face up to these imponderables, while still filling the next day’s paper. Director Mikala Krogh takes an impartial and clear-eyed look at the helpless search for a new recipe for success – and how the hunt for the next big story can turn into an obsession.

Director Mikala Krogh

Screenplay Mikala Krogh

Website www.ekstrabladetfilm.dk


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