CirkusdynastietDie Zirkusdynastie / The Circus Dynasty

Competition Documentaries, Denmark 2014, 91 Min., dan., germ. OV, engl. st

Friendship and work remain strictly separate with the Berdino and Casselly families. The Berdinos own a circus that is one of the largest in northern Europe, while the Casselly family is the tent’s main attraction – one of the most popular troupes of circus artistes on the continent, with a long tradition of dazzling acrobatics. But suddenly the line between strictly business and personal relationship becomes blurred. Patrick Berdino and Merrylu Casselly have fallen for each other and moved into a caravan together. Patrick’s grandfather hopes the young couple will carry on his life’s work and lead the circus to a glorious future; Merrylu’s parents hope their daughter will have a secure livelihood. But unlike business deals, human emotions are complicated and difficult to plan. They could soon throw a spanner in the works for the grand dream of a circus dynasty.

Director Anders Riis-Hansen

Screenplay Anders Riis-Hansen


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