GuldkystenDie Goldküste / Gold Coast

Specials, Denmark 2015, 114 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

In 1836, the Danish king sent Wulff Joseph Wulff to Africa to set up a coffee plantation on the Gold Coast. The kingdom has only just outlawed the slave trade and Wulff’s mission was intended to signalise a new, more humane form of trade relationship. With a mix of fervour and naiveté, the young man embraces his task, despite homesickness and a longing for his fiancée. But the task proves difficult and local tribes destroy the plantation. Not only does Wulff discover slaves who might no longer be for sale, but who are still kept as unpaid servants, he also soon uncovers a dark secret. Wulff left behind letters and journals that are important testimony to Denmark’s colonial history. They provided the basis for Daniel Dencik’s screenplay for this richly atmospheric narrative exposé.

Director Daniel Dencik

Screenplay Daniel Dencik

Cast Jakob Oftebro (Wulff), Danica Curcic (Caroline), John Aggrey (Lumpa), Anders Heinrichsen (Dall), Adam Ild Rohweder (Herbst), Morten Holst (Gouverneur)



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