Granny’s Dancing on the Table

Granny’s Dancing on the TableGranny's Dancing on the Table

Competition Narrative Films, Sweden 2015, 85 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

Thirteen-year-old Eini grows up isolated from society deep in the woods, where she is defenceless against her controlling and violent father. Her only refuge is her imagination – rendered in deliberately childlike stop-motion animation. She uses her inner world to make sense of her tragic family history, marked by speechlessness and aggression – a chain of familial psychoses, with Eini as the final link. In the young girl’s imagination, her grandmother becomes a mythical shining light. She was the only woman who managed to escape the woods and build a life (of excess) for herself in the USA; a life that Eini imagines in detail. The audience is captivated by the question of whether Eini will find the courage to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps in this remarkable, profound and also harsh film that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Director Hanna Sköld

Screenplay Hanna Sköld

Cast Blanca Engström (Eini), Lennart Jähkel (Vater)



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