2 Yötä aamuun / 2 Naktys iki ryto

2 Yötä aamuun / 2 Naktys iki ryto2 Nächte bis zum Morgen / 2 Nights till Morning

Competition Narrative Films, Finland 2015, 88 Min., engl., french OV, engl. st

Caroline, an architect, has travelled to Lithuania’s capital for a business meeting. She stops at a bar, where DJ Jaakko from Finland sits at her table. The two of them struggle to communicate; Caroline doesn’t know a word of English, and Jaakko has no French. All the same, they share an extended evening that concludes in Jaakko’s hotel room. The next morning Caroline is determined to get home as quickly as possible. But her flight is postponed. A volcano has erupted and the Northern European airspace been declared a no-fly zone because of the drifting cloud of ash. When Jaakko suggests she spent the extra time with him, Caroline agrees. Who says you can’t give a one-night stand a second go-round? For his pensive, impassioned film, studded with picturesque shots of Vilnius, Mikko Kuparinen was crowned best director at the 2015 Montreal Film Festival.

Director Mikko Kuparinen

Screenplay Mikko Kuparinen

Cast Marie-Josée Croze (Caroline), Mikko Nousiainen (Jaakko), Arly Jover (Céline)

Website www.facebook.com/2nightstillmorning


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