Miekkailija / Vehkleja

Miekkailija / VehklejaDie Kinder des Fechters / The Fencer

Competition Narrative Films, Finland 2014, 93 Min., estn., russ. OV, engl. st, FSK 0

In the early 1950s, Estonian fencer Endel Nelis has to flee Leningrad to escape the unwanted attention of the KGB. He finds a position as a physical education teacher in the remote Estonian town of Haapsalu, where nobody knows him. Against the opposition of the school director, who hews a strict party line, Nelis founds a fencing club. Fencing was hardly considered an appropriate “sport of the people” by the Soviet authorities, but the students soon come to share their teacher’s passion for it. They appreciate their instructor’s strict but fair manner and get better and better with the epée. The team is ultimately invited to participate in the all union championships – but they are being held in Leningrad. Nelis has to choose between disappointing the students and risking a trip to the lion’s den. The film, partially based on the true story of Estonian fencer Endel Nelis, boasts impressive production values, excellent acting and an exciting ending.

Director Klaus Härö

Screenplay Anna Heinämaa

Cast Märt Avandi (Endel), Ursula Ratasepp (Kadri), Hendrik Toompere (Schuldirektor), Liisa Koppel (Marta), Joonas Koff (Jaan)

Website www.facebook.com/Miekkailija-The-Fencer-736733499758460


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