Nøgle hus spejl

Nøgle hus spejlSchlüssel Haus Spiegel / Key House Mirror

Competition Narrative Films, Denmark 2015, 95 Min., dan., swed. OV, engl. st

Photos on her wall chronicle their entire marriage. After fifty years together, Lily and Max now live in a nursing home. Max, having had a stroke, requires constant care, so Lily devotes all her energies to preserving his dignity – setting her own needs aside. Even her daughter advises her to take better care of herself. But when Lily makes a new friend, her family is less than enthusiastic. Erik, whom the residents have nicknamed “the pilot”, has an exuberant attitude to life. He and Lily bond over fun and adventure, but also romance and passion. She perks up and dreams of a trip to Paris. But can she justify leaving her husband in the lurch? Or should she think about herself before it’s too late? And is Lily’s mind even clear enough to make these decisions? With strong acting and an astute eye for detail, the film approaches a problem in the twilight of life that is rarely addressed.

Director Michael Noer

Screenplay Anders Frithiof August

Cast Ghita Nørby (Lily), Sven Wollter (Pilot), Trine Pallesen (Katrine), Jens Brenaa (Max)

Website www.facebook.com/noglehusspejl


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