IdealistenThe Idealist – Geheimakte Grönland / The Idealist

Competition Narrative Films, Denmark 2015, 109 Min., dan., engl. OV, engl. st, FSK 6

Denmark did not possess any nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Or so the official story went. But in 1968, a US bomber crashed on the ice near the US Air Force base at Thule in Greenland. The wreckage was radioactive and tons of contaminated snow was quickly disposed of. Years later, in the 1980s, radio reporter Poul Brink becomes suspicious when he learns that many of the men involved in the clean-up are seriously ill and never received damage compensation for the work. Brink’s research leads him to the US, where he quickly finds even greater inconsistencies in the official line. He faces censorship and threats, but refuses to give up. The real Brink published the explosive results of his research as a book, which Christina Rosendahl has brought to the screen as a true-to-life, suspense-packed thriller.

Director Christina Rosendahl

Screenplay Lars K. Andersen, Simon Pasternak, Birgitte Stærmose

Cast Peter Plaugborg (Poul), Søren Malling (Marius), Arly Jover (Estíbaliz), Thomas Bo Larsen (Dinesen), Jens Albinus (Blicher)



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