Cesars Grill

Cesar's GrillCesars Grill / Cesars Grill

Filmforum, Germany / Switzerland 2013, 88 Min., FSK 0

“My father César thought I would take over his grill restaurant in Ecuador, but I chose art and went to Germany. Ten years later he calls me in Germany for the first time to tell me that his grill restaurant is bankrupt, that he is indebted to his bank and several private loan sharks and that he hasn't paid the rent in more than two years. Suddenly the previously so very distant Ecuadorian environment is within my grasp and I begin to think that the rescue of my father's restaurant could become our mutual project. - A trip from Germany to Ecuador that sees my adult, vegetarian self return to my parents and try to help my grilled meat enthusiast father's financial problems.” (Dario Aguirre)

Director Dario Aguirre

Screenplay Dario Aguirre

Cast César Aguirre, Dario Aguirre, Gloria Maria Guevara, Manuela Torres

Website www.filmtankaudience.de


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