Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße

Spiced up JackEinmal Hans mit scharfer Soße / Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 89 Min.

Hatice is a 35-year-old journalist who writes for a fashionable Hamburg magazine. On the day she wants to introduce her family to the long-awaited son-in-law, they break into a quarrel: her sisters Abla and Fatma, but especially her mother Emine and her father Ismail are shocked. Seeking to bring his daughter to reason, Ismael decrees that the younger Fatma may only marry when Hatice has been wed. There is only one problem: Fatma is pregnant, and in a few weeks her belly will begin to show. Fatma is doomed if she must wait for Hatice, so she and Abla try to find enticing Turkish men for their sister. But these are out of the question for Hatice, who longs for a German spiced up Jack.

Director Buket Alakus

Screenplay Ruth Toma

Cast Idil Üner (Hatice Coskun), Adnan Maral (Ismail Coskun), Siir Eloglu (Emine Coskun), Sesede Terziyan (Fatma Coskun), Demet Gül (Abla Coskun), Julia Dietze (Julia), (Max von Thun (Gero)

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