Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2013, 77 Min., 9 years and older

Pelle is twelve years old and most definitely a “victim”. He is in love with Amanda, who hardly notices him. The class bullies, though, have him firmly in their sights. One day, as Pelle tries to escape them once again, hiding in a dark garden,he is bitten by a large ant, after which he is plagued by strange nightmares. The next day, Pelle has “ant-superpowers”: he is strong, can climb up walls, and - well - his urine has mutated into a dangerous acid. Supported by his friend Wilhelm, Pelle takes on his responsibility: in the guise of “Antboy”, he deals with the town crooks - until he is confronted with the “Fly”, a super-crook who hits Pelle where it hurts hardest: his love for Amanda ...

Director Ask Hasselbalch

Screenplay Anders Ølholm

Cast Oscar Dietz (Pelle/Antboy), Nicolas Bro (Fliege), Samuel Ting Graf (Wilhelm), Amalie Kruse Jensen (Ida), Cecilie Alstrup Tarp (Amanda)



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