Det enda rationella (De rationella)Eine vernünftige Lösung / A Rational Solution

Competition Narrative Films, Sweden 2009, 98 Min., English subtitles

Det enda rationella (De rationella)

Erland works in a paper factory in a small, Swedish industrial town. In his free time he and his wife May run a church-based marriage counselling service. However, at the birthday party of his best friend Sven-Erik, Erland is overwhelmed by amorous feelings for Sven-Erik's wife Karin. The two of them begin a secret affair, until Erland suggests a "sensible solution" for the two couples' problem: all four of them should move into a flat together and live their shared lives according to ten self-imposed rules. But love and jealousy aren't handled that easily. The strong cast of Swedish character-actors, especially Rolf Lassgård and Pernilla August, excel in this convincing romantic drama by Jörgen Bergmark. The clever script by Jens Jonsson, who was awarded the 2008 Chruch Prize at Nordic film Days lübeck for "The King of Ping Pong", is reminiscent of Ingmar Bergman's intimate plays, and contains a good dose of irony.

Director Jörgen Bergmark

Screenplay Jens Jonsson

Cast Rolf Lassgård (Erland Fjellgren), Pernilla August (Karin), Stina Ekblad (May Fjellgren), Claes Ljungmark (Sven-Erik), Magnus Roosmann (Pfarrer), Anki Lidén, Magnus Eriksson, Johan Storgård

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