AppelsinpikenDas Orangenmädchen / The Orange Girl

Competition Narrative Films, Norway 2009, 81 Min.


Jan-Olav meets the orange girl on an average day. She stands in a tramway, holding a bag of oranges. He falls in love with her on the spot, but she is gone as suddenly as she had appeared to him. Jan-Olav spends months looking for her, until he begins to doubt her actual existence ... Many years later, the young George receives a letter written by Jan-Olav, his late father. It is a farewell letter that tells the tale of a true love that leads all the way to Spain. On a winter trip to the mountains of Norway, Georg delves into his father's life story – until the journey into the past becomes a vision for his own future. With this Norwegian-German-Spanish co-production, Eva Dahr has directed a romantic fairy tale full of poetic imagination – and a moving homage to true love, full of magical moments, after the bestselling novel by Jostein Gaarder. At the same time, this heart-warming love story, set before the backdrop of two generations within one family, touches on philosophical and emotional questions: why do we live, if death is inevitable?

Director Eva Dahr

Screenplay Andreas Markusson, Axel Helgeland, nach dem Roman von Jostein Gaarder

Cast Mikkel Bratt Silset (Georg), Harald Thompson Rosenstrøm (Jan Olav), Annie Nygaard (das Orangenmädchen), Emilie K. Beck (Stella), Rebekka Karijord (Veronika), Ellen E.T. Jervell (Camilla), Jacob Schøyen Andersen (Simen), Glenn Erland Trosterud (Gunnar), Hendrik Annel (Henrik), Terje Skonseng Naudeer (Jørgen), Johannes Gundersen (Georg, 6)

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