Mannen som elsket YngveDer Mann, der Yngve liebte / The Man Who Loved Yngve

Special, Norway 2008, 98 Min.

Mannen som elsket Yngve

They call themselves "Mathias Rust Band" and their best song is called "Pussy Satan Anarchy Commando". Jarle is the band's frontman, and when someone like himself, who only ever listened to punkrock music, went ice-skating and hung out with the beautiful Cathrine, suddenly listens to synthie-pop by "Japan", starts playing tennis and watches "Derrick" on TV with his mother – he must be secretly in love! However, the object of his desires is not another girl, but Yngve, the new boy in Jarle's class who looks like a Greek god. Set in the town of Stavenger in 1989 and underlined with a great soundtrack, the film by director Stian Kristiansen tells of a difficult coming-out with tragic consequences: while the Wall is falling in Berlin and the world can no longer be categorized in a bipolar manner, Jarle, too, must face up to the ambiguity of life and his own identity. "The Man Who loved Yngve" won the NDR Award for Best Feature Film at the 2008 Nordic Film Days Lübeck.

Director Stian Kristiansen

Screenplay Tore Renberg, nach seinem Roman

Cast Rolf Kristian Larsen (Jarle Klepp), Arthur Berning (Helge), Ida Elise Broch (Cathrine), Ole Christoffer Ertvåg (Yngve)

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