Sermiligaaq 65°54'N, 36°22'W

Retrospective, Germany 2008, 64 Min., English subtitles

Sermiligaaq 65°54'N, 36°22'W

The people of East Greenland live on a barren stretch of coastline at the remote end of the world's largest island. Here, everday life has always been characterized by long and harsh winters. Within only a few generations, the earth house settlements have seen modernity move in with helicopters, TV and alcohol. This film takes time to look at the supposed end of the world, here in Sermiligaaq. It conveys to the audience a sense of today's East Greenland, of the village in summer and in winter, of a family between seal hunting and computer games. Clear and poetic images depict normality in an extraordinary world, observing those minor scenes, faces and gestures that assemble to form a portrait both strange and strangely familiar. Set against a backdrop of sensational and impressive nature, the greatest sensation turns out to be life itself.

Director Anni Seitz, Sophie Elixhauser

Screenplay Anni Seitz, Sophie Elixhauser

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