Der verlorene SohnThe Prodigal Son

Filmforum, Germany 2009, 89 Min., German audio describtion

Der verlorene Sohn

After two years in an Israeli jail, Rainer is deported back to Germany – as an Islamic convert terror suspect. He moves into his old home with his mother, the handball coach Stefanie Schröder. She believes what he claims to be the truth: that he is still an avowed Islamist, but that he now renounces the "Holy War", the jihad. Even though there is no evidence of even a single connection to the Islamist scene, Rainer is under observation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Which seriously impedes his finding a job and being reintegrated into society. Stefanie's nagging concerns also increase the pressure that the family must endure. But in no case does she intend to give up fighting for her "prodigal" son. She wants to believe him and enable him a fresh start. She files a law suit with the regional court and the observation is alleviated. But right then, Stefanie comes to realize that she has been wrong.

Director Nina Grosse

Screenplay Fred Breinersdorfer, Léonie-Claire Breinersdorfer

Cast Katja Flint (Stefanie Schröder), Kostja Ullmann (Rainer Schröder), Ben Unterkofler (Markus), Werner Wölbern (Buchner), Katinka Auberger (Britta), Pegah Ferydoni (Deniz), Lisa Hagmeister (Corinna), Josef Heynert (Lessing), Adnan Maral (Çiçek), Matthias Neukirch (Grüner)

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