Der gestiefelte KaterPuss in Boots

Filmforum, Germany 2009, 60 Min.

Der gestiefelte Kater

Hans, the old miller's youngest son, is a dreamer. Other than his brothers Hubert and Hermann, Hans dreams of true love, of paradisiac joy on earth. Most of all, he dreams about a life without Abaddon, the cold-hearted, evil wizard, who turns tax debtors into dogs. The old miller is the next victim on his list. But Hans' father dies, leaving his mill to his oldest son, his donkey to the second-oldest – and Hans is left with Minkus, the cat. In a fit of defiance, Hans decides to make fur gloves out of the cat, which he ultimately cannot bring himself to do. As a sign of thankfulness, the cat promises Hans to make his dreams come true – on condition that Hans buy him a pair of boots, which he could be sure never to regret! Minkus sets out as Puss in Boots and kills some partidges, which he brings to the court of King Otto and Princess Frieda. In return he is given a sack of gold. But to top it all, the cat tricks Abaddon the wizard and helps Hans to a measure of happiness that he would never have dared to dream about.

Director Christian Theede

Screenplay Dieter Bongartz, Leonie Bongartz

Cast Roman Knizka (Der gestiefelte Kater), Jacob Matschenz (Hans), Jürgen Tarrach, Kai Wiesinger, Jennifer Ulrich, Jan Fedder, Peter Kurth, Josef Heynert, Stefan Hascke, Peter Jordan, Andreas Potulski

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