Sannhetsjegeren – Historien om Tore SandbergDer Wahrheitsjäger – die Geschichte von Tore Sandberg / Nemesis

Competition Documentaries, Norway 2009, 80 Min., English subtitles

Sannhetsjegeren – Historien om Tore Sandberg

Heavy breathing in the undergrowth, some cracking of twigs, then the scream of a terrified woman. Erlend E. Mo's documentary film begins like any other TV crime story. But soon after the opening credits it becomes clear that the film is very close to reality. In the 70s two female students were murdered in the Norwegian town of Trondheim. Soon after, the police presented a suspect. It was Fritz Moen, a deaf-mute, who later confessed the murder in court. At the time, Tore Sandberg was a TV reporter in Trondheim, well familiar with the case. Now he is a private detective, and the case of Fritz Moen leaves him no rest. Sandberg is convinced that the wrong man had been convicted. And indeed, he succeeds in having one of the two court proceedings reopened... Step by step, the film follows Sandberg's investigation, further aided by the retired chief of the Trondheim police. But the two of them have little time left to prove Mo's innocence: after 19 years in jail, he has grown terminally ill. Thereby "Nemesis" is not only more realistic than a TV crime story, but also comparatively more interesting.

Director Erlend E. Mo

Screenplay Erlend E. Mo

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