Daiana Lou / Mambe & Danochilango / Katja Komorebi

Concert Party

As part of the 64th Nordic Film Days, the traditional concert party will take place again. This year, the Icelandic-German alternative pop duo DAIANA LOU, the Danish world music duo MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO and the Swedish artist KATJA KOMOREBI will perform.



Daiana and Lou are DAIANA LOU, a multi-instrumentalist rock duo. The two started out as street musicians and are now visibly evolving into a full-set rock band. Through their participation and self-determined exit from X-Factor, they are a sign of revolution, emancipation and riot. They have been living in Berlin since 2015. Acid-blues harmonies meet soft punk, trip hop and psychedelic melodicism.



As sound travelers & ambassadors of the global sound, the Scandinavian duo wants to connect the rhythms of all cultures to create the world music of the future. MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO combine their Scandinavian influences with their Latin American roots to create catchy anthems with a kaleidoscope of musical styles.



KATJA KOMOREBI is not only an avid jewelry wearer, but also a dedicated manufacturer, designer, molder and shaker. If there's any shaking, it's certainly for the music. She is a connoisseur of finely produced electronic music, and her heart beats in 4/4 rhythm. She has been DJing for almost half her life, playing a rather raw but groovy bass-driven sound, accompanied by carefully selected melodies and deep vibes.


An event by treibsAND-Kollektiv with the support of Nordic Film Days Lübeck.

Friday, 4.11., Admission from 08:30 p.m.
treibsAND, Willy-Brandt-Allee 9, Lübeck
Free entry