The Fulldome programme – Dive into mystical underwater worlds and the life of loveable animated sea dwellers

Lübeck, Oct. 29, 2019. “The Fulldome cinema of the Nordische Filmtage Lübeck has re-invented itself once again! With the larger mobile dome, at 15 metres in diameter, we will now be showing films over the entirety of Klingenberg square. The bigger, wraparound screen has improved quality of projection and sound to enthral audiences of up to 100 people. With this year’s motto for the Fulldome cinema programme, the dome will become a virtual (under)water world!”, says Ralph Heinsohn, curator of the 360° films / immersive media section. The new Dome was made possible with funding from the Possehl Foundation, and a bigger commitment from the festival’s long-term partner, the Lübeck public utilities company (Stadtwerk). And in cooperation with Susanne Kasimir from Lübeck’s department four, the Fulldome cinema will also be a science globe, where free admittance from 12 noon to the start of the afternoon screenings, will allow audiences to enjoy exciting lectures also on the subject of water, such as “Water in Space”, or on the past and the future of the world’s oceans.

The films selected for the 360° section are just as diverse as the marine life they depict. While “The Embrace of the Ocean” by Finland’s Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen uses breath-taking imagery to take audiences into the mystical seeming world of underwater microorganisms, the animated family movie “Kaluoka’hina - The Enchanted Reef” by Peter Popp tells the story of a magical coral reef and its oddball, loveable residents who must reconstruct the reef’s magic after a volcanic eruption. And “The Seaweed Project” explores underwater landscapes where the beautiful and the useful merge – in the very plant that forms the basis for all life in the oceans. The combination of 360° images of nature and short stories in “Waters of Norway” is proof that the liquid element is a constant companion for Norwegians, whether as the much-discussed rain on the west coast, or as one of the many famous waterfalls. 

And it’s not only films that will enchant audiences in the Fulldome – they can also thrill to a live presentation of “Kymat – Sonic Bloom”, a tapestry of sight and sound. Performance artist Sven Meyer will make frequencies and sounds visible in water, drawing visitors into a breath-taking world of images made from sound. And wondrous creatures from Anne and Wolf Malten’s Lübeck Water Marionette Theatre tell us about their dreams to live musical accompaniment in “Water Stories 360°”.

The full schedule of Fulldome screenings is here alongside the complete schedule of films and events at the upcoming 61st Nordische Filmtage Lübeck. Information on the Science Globe programme can be found at

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