The series section of the 61st Nordische Filmtage Lübeck offers up a wide spectrum of new Nordic TV shows including many premieres

Lübeck, Oct. 9, 2019. “The international productions play with formats – what seems like a crime series at first ends up being a comedy, mystery, or drama. The Nordic countries are and remain pioneers in developing new, and perfecting the old formats”, says Christian Modersbach, curator of the Series section at the NFL.

The series “Wisting” (NOR/DEN/GER/IRE, 2019) with Sven Nordin and Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix trilogy), co-produced with ARD Degeto, is celebrating its German premiere. Wisting is a seasoned investigator who is not easily fooled. But when the FBI shows up in Norway, looking for an American serial murderer, the past and present come crashing down upon him. ARD is planning to broadcast the series at the end of this year/early 2020. The title figure of the Norwegian series “Magnus” (NOR, 2018) represents a completely different kind of cop. His colleagues wrinkle their noses and feel ashamed when they have to work with Magnus. He asks too many stupid questions, stands around cluelessly, or stumbles and accidentally destroys important evidence. But even getting suspended doesn’t stop him. He begins to investigate a controversial case undercover anyway. Legendary investigator Lars Martin Johansson, whom everybody calls “LMJ”, in “The Dying Detective” (SWE, 2018) is also no longer on the job, this time due to his age. He is played by Rolf Lassgård, known to audiences from the Swedish hit film “A Man Named Ove”. But the role of pensioner doesn’t sit easy with LMJ. So it’s no wonder that his old passion suddenly takes hold of him again when he hears about an unsolved murder case. Season two of the successful Icelandic series “Trapped” by Baltasar Kormákur (ICE, 2018) will be shown on the big screen in Lübeck at the same time as the ZDF broadcast. As a special highlight, the star of the series, Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, playing the detective Ásgeir, will be a guest in Lübeck during the NFL, and can also be seen in the films “A White, White Day” (Competition) and “To Plant a Flag” (Nordic Shorts). The second season of “Trapped” deals with the life of investigator Andri. A successful policeman but failed husband and family man, he moves to Reykjavik in hope of peace, tranquillity, and a new beginning. But when the economics minister almost dies in a fire bomb in front of Parliament, Andri takes up the investigation. Clues lead from the capital to the remote north of Iceland, where he is confronted with his past and a perfidious system of lies and silence. There is also a confrontation with the past in the Finnish series “All the Sins” (FIN, 2019, dir: Mika Ronkainen), which won this year’s Nordisk Film & TV Fund prize. Young investigator Lauri left his family far behind a while ago. To investigate a murder, he has to go back to the conservative far north and confront exactly what he ran away from. Showrunner Merja Aakko will be in Lübeck to introduce the series personally. Patrik Syversen, director of the series “Kieler Street”(NOR, 2018) will also be at the festival. It’s about former felon Jonas, who tries to break free of his past. Jonas insinuates himself as a full-fledged member of the community in the safest city in Norway. Wife, daughter, house, job, and barbecues – it's all possible thanks to a new identity. But someone is poking around in his life, and his new existence threatens to fall apart. Meanwhile in the 1950s, a shortage of nursing personnel means that for the first time “The New Nurses” (DEN, 2018) are male. Despite prejudice against them, they try to break through the old conventions and stand up for themselves as nurses, including secret late night parties. By contrast, political intrigue and power plays are the subject in “The Inner Circle” (SWE, 2019). In a kind of House of Cards meets Empire, economic minister David Ehrling’s long-held dream of becoming prime minister seems within reach. But his opponents, as well as probing journalists, line up to bring him down.

A press conference to announce the complete programme for the 61st Nordische Filmtage Lübeck will be held on October 17, 2019. Following the press conference, the entire programme will be available online, as well as press photos for download. Advance ticket sales begin on Oct. 26, 2019.

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