Team news and first insights on Retrospective program 2019

Lili Hartwig is the new head of the Filmforum

Lili Hartwig is the new director of the Filmforum section of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The 37-year-old cultural studies graduate and festival curator is taking over from Doris Bandhold, who headed up the Filmforum for eight years, shepherding it to the position it now occupies. “We extend our warmest thanks to Doris Bandhold for her committed and capable work for our Filmforum”, said Linde Fröhlich, artistic director of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck, “During her tenure, she resolutely developed the Filmforum into a prestigious showcase for filmmaking in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, as well as cultivating important cooperative ventures and enhancing the section with innovative, trendsetting components such as the master class.” Lili Hartwig, who studied media, has been a part of the Nordic Film Days Filmforum for the last few years, alongside Doris Bandhold, while also working as a curator for the Kassel Dokfest, the Hamburg Dokumentarfilmwoche, and the SchulKinoWochen. She headed up the Michel children’s and young adult film festival in Hamburg from 2012 to 2014, and also worked in film selection and as a curator for the Hamburg KurzFilmFestival. “The greatest strength of the Filmforum is its ardent audiences, who love films from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and turn Lübeck into a true cinema event during the Nordic Film Days”, says Hartwig, “I’m looking forward to my new job and will especially be looking for lesser-known cinematic pearls from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg to add to the already established filmmakers from northern Germany”. The programme for the 32nd Filmforum of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck will be announced in October. Contact Lili Hartwig

Retrospective 2019 sheds light on spies and secret agents in Nordic and Baltic cinema

The Retrospective of the 61st Nordic Film Days Lübeck will be taking a look at Undercover North/Northeast - Spies and Secret Agents in Scandinavian and Baltic Cinema 1913-2012.
The section looks back into the far past with films made between 1913 and 2012 in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as in Latvia, Estonia, and in Lithuania during the same era. And the spy capers are not confined to just thrillers – the films include dramas, melodramas, comedies, satire, and period films. Surprisingly, women have pride of place in many of the films, actively engaged in intelligence operations; early silent films take us back to the days of “spy fever” before World War I. The film selection and more details will be announced at the NFL summer press conference on August 29, 2019.

 Changes in the marketing / sponsoring department

On May 1, 2019, Gabriele Gillner took over responsibility for the marketing & sponsoring department of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck. Gillner previously worked as a programme and project director at Studio Hamburg, Filmfest Munich, the film academy of Baden-Württemberg, and the Berlin International Film Festival. “The Nordic Film Days Lübeck provides an incredibly diverse array of festival attractions that make waves internationally, but are firmly anchored in Lübeck and the region”, says Gabriele Gillner, “I’m excited about working with existing and new partners to develop ideas for the future in order to create scope for the festival to progress in tandem with our patrons and sponsors”. Contact Gabriele Gillner

 CALL FOR ENTRIES - submission deadline, August 1st, 2019

Films can be submitted for possible inclusion in the 61st Nordic Film Days Lübeck until August 1, 2019. An online form makes it fast and simple to register to submit a film from the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as for the Filmforum section for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg films. The Nordic Film Days Lübeck looks forward to submissions via this link.

Details of submitting a film for 2019 are available as pdf downloads from the Nordic Film Days Lübeck website: Nordic-Baltic programFilmforum (German only)


Accreditation 2019 for industry / press

Accreditation for industry visitors and press opens in September 2019. Details of the accreditation process will be announced in good time. As in previous years, applications can then be submitted online at the festival homepage

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