Press Release: The Nordic Shorts at the 60th Nordic Film Days Lübeck

Lübeck, Oct. 30, 2018. “A short film always represents a chance – not just a cinematic one, but for the audience as well”, says Sebastian Apel, curator of this year’s Nordic Shorts section, “Familiar situations seem changed by a new point of view, while unusual experiences are presented with a seemingly practised eloquence.” 20 films, 20 twists of fate – the short film selection at the 60th Nordic Film Days opens up new perspectives.

In keeping with theme, the title of one of the three short film programmes is “Periscope”, comprising films that give audiences a chance to look around the corner. “Super Comfort” (FIN 2018) will provide even the most sullen escapee from home with sympathy for the feelings of the mother they left behind, while “The Tiger”(FIN 2018) looks at an odd situation on the crossroads to adulthood. The drama “Dark Chamber” (SWE/HUN 2018) is a horrifying look at how the proverbial twist can turn a situation completely around. In “Shadow Animals” (SWE 2017), we see adult “dining and dancing” through the eyes of a child, laying bare the strangeness of some social practices.

Another of the short film programmes is titled “Sex Capades, Singalongs, and Splatter”, an anthology of films about different kinds of couple relationships and their various facets. For instance, it is apparently a “Sure Sign” (FIN 2017) of the end of a relationship when Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” is playing. Oscar-winning filmmaker Jonatan Etzler takes a look at classic sex roles and biases in “Intercourse” (SWE 2017). In “1981” (SWE 2017), we follow a gay couple as they gather new experiences at a sauna club, while in “Happily Never After” (ICE 2018), birthday sex takes a dramatic turn.

The third short film programme, “Repercussions” puts the spotlight on individual fates, such as “Killing Grandma” (SWE 2017), where a granddaughter and her grandma turn out to share a single desire. The ambition of a comedically-inclined family father are cruelly shattered in “A Worthy Man” (DEN 2018).Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken’s “A Day in July” (NOR 2018) harks back to the day that shocked an entire nation, and deals with the long-term trauma caused by the Utøya attack.

The complete programme of the Nordic Shorts section can be found here, as well as the complete schedule of films and events at the upcoming 60th Nordic Film Days Lübeck, which has been available on the festival homepage.

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