55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: Short films full of big emotions - great diversity in the short film programme “Nordic Shorts”

Lübeck, 28.10.2013 – The 55. festival edition of Nordic Film Days Lübeck shows a short film programme consisting of short feature films, documentaries and experimental forms of short narration. Touching, bizarre and astounding films from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Northern Germany are subdivided into three thematic programmes that mirror the respective films’ motifs.  

The programme “Into the Wilds” subsumes films of less than 20 minutes length which centre on the topic of nature and shows people who are prepared to do be taken to their limits and beyond. THE DEVIL’S BALLROOM (director: Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken) is inspired by historic Amundsen documentaries and is part of this year’s Retrospective, depicting a polar explorer’s extraordinary find at the North Pole, while in SIX DAY RUN (director: Mika Taanila) the ultra marathon runner Asprihanal Pekka Aalto surpasses his physical and mental limits. The true story behind GHOST RADIO HUNTER (director: Carl Christian Lein Størmer), another Retrospective contribution, sends shivers down your spine while SNOW (director: Hans Otto Nicolayssen) presents the portrait of a composer who attempts to record the sound of falling snowflakes. POSSIBLY BREEZY is a light-hearted land art project by the “Sound of Noise” team around Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne, who travel to all the weather stations along the Swedish coast for precise weather forecasts. The young protagonist in THE WALL (director: Lars Klevberg) experiences a moment of chilling post-apocalyptic isolation before being confronted with the struggle for survival, whereas the short film WHALE VALLEY, which won awards in Cannes and at the Chicago International Film Festival, describes the unique relationship between two brothers at an isolated fjord; a Danish-Icelandic co-production by director Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson. Ülo Pikkov’s THE END is experimentally reminiscent of the materiality of former film strips.

The second short film programme, “The Pitfalls of Life”, shows a total of eight short films on the most diverse topics that life has to offer. PEOPLE WHO FALL (director: Bobbie Peers) plays with our evil expectations and shows various traps of everyday life, and in A SIMPLER LIFE, director Gunhild Enger does away with the prevalent conception that beneficial inventions for house and garden make life easier. ANIMALS I KILLED LAST SUMMER (director: Gustav Danielsson) shows a desperate father who tries to stop his son from killing animals. Director Ina Lerner Grevstadt casts a sobering glance at dealing with the elderly in THE LAST SONG, while the protagonists of COFFEE TIME (director: Maria Fredriksson) ponder a fulfilling sex life even in old age. The young Swedish director Peter Modestij links sexuality and the human body to our status-conscious consumer society in 102A: COUPLE FUCKING, while Leontine Arvidsson deals with a young woman’s physical sense of self after overcoming cancer in the three-minute 2011 12 30. UNDRESS ME by Victor Lindgren accompanies a couple on their way to a one-night stand, which culminates in an unexpected power struggle for the fascinated young man.

“Uncommon Encounters” is the third programme, presenting three short films that mirror very special interpersonal relationships. The Norwegian contribution EVERY CHILD IS MADE OF FIRE (director: Lisa Marie Gamlem) fatefully brings together two people who need each other – with an unexpected outcome. THE PHOTO  (directors: Katrin Maimik and Jan Erik Nögisto) from Estonia tells of the wondrous friendship between the 30-year-old Maarit and the nine-year-old Rainer, and TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, the closing film by the Norwegian director Aasne Vaa Greibrokk, provides a painful depiction of how even the most elaborate arrangements fail when emotions come into play.  

Nordic Film Days Lübeck is presenting these programmes at short film nights with guests on Wednesday, 30. October, Thursday, 31. October and Saturday, 2. November 2013.

Please find further information on the complete programme of Nordic Film Days Lübeck at www.filmtage.luebeck.de


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