55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: the “Specials” programme shows art and crime

Lübeck, 26.10.13 – This year, this section’s poles are the “Crime Specials” and the “Art Specials”. Scandinavian crime films are considered to guarantee tension with high entertainment value and plenty of goosebumps. Which is why Nordic Film Days Lübeck is providing for highest quality thrills with a series of “Crime Specials” from Wednesday, 30. October to Saturday night, 2. November 2013. They include brand new literary adaptations such as “The Keeper of Lost Causes”, Mikkel Nørgaard’s adaptation of the first novel from Jussi Adler-Olsen’s bestselling series about Carl Mørck, who deals with old, filed crime cases. In Camilla Läckberg’s film “The Hidden Child”, a writer unveils her mother’s secret, and Jens Lapidus’ gripping oeuvre “Life Deluxe” stars the Swedish “Robocop” actor Joel Kinnaman as the hero Johan Westlund. The political thriller “The Shooter” by director Annette K. Olesen, who has previously received an award in Lübeck, provides thrilling Danish blockbuster cinema after an original script and starring Trine Dyrholm. Here the protagonist is a committed journalist who becomes the target of an “eco terrorist”.

This year’s anniversary celebrations for Edvard Munch’s 150. birthday have prompted the Nordic Film Days to pay homage to the great artist with a “Munch Special”, all the more as he had a close connection with Lübeck. The painter visited the city on several occasions, and had found an important sponsor in the ophthalmologist Dr. Max Linde. About 50 of his works contain references to Lübeck, including one of his major works: “The Four Sons of Dr. Max Linde”, which was on loan to Oslo for the anniversary exhibition in 2013 and returns to Museum Behnhaus in Lübeck on 31. October. The festival is celebrating this with the presentation of two new documentary films about the life and work of the painter: “The Sun” (director: Stein Roger Bull) and “Let the Scream Be Heard” by Dheeraj Akolkar (Liv & Ingmar, NFL 2012), which can be viewed as part of the festival programme on 3. November at 11.15am. 

In Berlin, Munch belonged to a group of artists that met in the wine bar “Zum schwarzen Ferkel” and included August Strindberg. The latter’s drama “Miss Julie” has been cinematically adapted into a highly emotional battle of the sexes by the Swedish actress and director Helena Bergström, who had previously directed the play for the stage. We present her film “Julie”, an adaptation that is close to the original and features intense acting, as a further “Special” in the series of the same name.

Ticket pre-sales for the 55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck began on 26. October. The complete programme of the festival is also available online.


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