New on the programme: short film trilogy by Knut Erik Jensen in the Retrospective at the 55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck

Lübeck, 25.10.13 - The Retrospective “North!wards: Spitsbergen and the Path to the Pole” of the 55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck (30.10.-03.11.13) has included three further films on its programme. The short film trilogy by the Norwegian director Knut Erik Jensen, consisting of the films “Svalbard in the World” (1983), “Cold World” (1986) and “My World” (1987) is being shown on Friday, 1. November 2013 at 4.30pm at CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle, Kino 4 together with the film “Lost in Spitsbergen”.  

Director Knut Erik Jensen, born in 1941, originates from Honningsvåg in North Norway. He studied French, Russian and history before attending the International Film School in London. As a filmmaker he had his breakthrough in the mid-1980s. His short film “Svalbard in the World” from 1983 was the first part of his trilogy about Spitsbergen, which is reminiscent of an impressionist collage of images. In these films he presents cinematic ideas with such impressive and concise details that the result is an almost surreal and highly intense depiction of landscapes and the environment. He further developed this unusual form of documentary film in “Cold World” (1986). Here he shows a beach landscape with walruses and bone finds. Jensen’s camera has such an extraordinary way of capturing details in extreme close-ups that the multiple images of skeletal remains, moss, timberwork, ice and water seem to merge into a study of textures and structures. In “My World”, the last part of this trilogy, Jensen unfurls his view and orientates himself around humans. He portrays the life of a huntsman on Spitsbergen. The latter has been living in a small, non-insulated hut for more than ten years; the filmmaker examines his living conditions in rhythmical, calmly reflected images.

Jensen became famous with his three feature films “Stella Polaris” (1993), “Burnt by Frost” (1997) and “Passing Darkness” (2000). He has been nominated for the Norwegian “Amanda” film prize four times. His film “Cool and Crazy” (2002) about a men’s choir from the small town of Berlevåg by the Barents Sea broke all audience records in Norway and received the “Amanda” film prize in the categories “Best Documentary Film” and “Best Feature Film”. He was last represented in Lübeck in 2009 with his feature film “Ice Kiss” about the female Norwegian spy Gunvor Haavik.

Many of Knut Erik Jensen’s films are an homage to both nature and the people of North Norway. He films everyday reality but concentrates on the universality of manhood, depicting the quintessence of human dignity and humanity.

Ticket pre-sales for the 55. Nordic Film Days Lübeck begin on 26.10.13 at 3pm at both CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle in Lübeck and online at the festival homepage


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