• Conclusion of 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: An Enthusiastic Audience, Numerous Guests and a Triple Winner

    The two directors of this year’s Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Linde Fröhlich (Artistic Director) and Christian Modersbach (Festival Manager) are very content with the 54. edition of the festival, which ended on Sunday, November 4th. Boasting an audience of around 27,500, the participation at Nordic Film Days Lübeck had increased slightly since last year. The year 2012 thus proved once more that there is a very enthusiastic and receptive audience for films from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and northern Germany. More

  • Linde Fröhlich Is Awarded Royal Norwegian Order of Merit

    Lübeck, 02.11.12 - Linde Fröhlich, Artistic Director of Nordic Film Days Lübeck, has received a knighthood, first class, of the Norwegian Order of Merit by H.M. King Harald V. More

  • 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: NDR Film Prize Awarded to “Eat Sleep Die” and “The Hunt” - Thomas Vinterberg on Location to Accept Three Prizes in Person

    Lübeck, 03.11.12 – The Danish director Thomas Vinterberg received a total of three prizes at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck. His film “The Hunt” was awarded the NDR Film Prize (ex aequo) as well as the popular Audience Prize of the Lübecker Nachrichten, endowed with 5,000 euros, and the Baltic Film Prize. More

  • Opening Film Kon-Tiki and its Cast Enthuse Audience

    Lübeck, 01.11.12 – The red carpet was rolled out in Lübeck at yesterday’s opening of the 54. Nordic Film Days, Europe’s largest festival for films from Scandinavia, the Baltic region and northern Germany, where a radiant “Kon-Tiki” film team presented the English-language world premiere of their film. The five actors Pål Sverre Hagen – starring as Thor Heyerdahl in the film, Agnes Kittelsen, Odd-Magnus Williamson, Tobias Santelmann and Jakob Oftebro More

  • New Festival-BOX Enables Interactive Participation, and Video on Demand Streaming Is on Offer to Journalists and Industry Professionals

    Lübeck, 31.10.12 – The new Festival-BOX is rendering its services throughout this year’s Nordic Film Days Lübeck as of 31. October 2012 at CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle in Lübeck, one of the festival cinemas. Created in a joint initiative by the festival and conegge Film!, the interactive film box can be used by all festival guests throughout the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck from 31.10. to 04.11.12.Individuals, couples and even larger groups can take a seat in the box and record messages for other guests or comment on the festival by video statement. More

  • 25 Years of Filmforum: 25 Years of Films Between the Seas – Featuring Numerous Anniversary Events

    Lübeck, 30.10.12 - Entre deux mers – between two seas: flat lands, endless coastlines, far views – Schleswig-Holstein, a landscape set for filmmaking. It is the home of special kinds of Heimatfilm, of crime stories set in the tidal flats, of high sea romances, of documentary films about anti-nuclear power movements and heavy metal festivals. Filmforum has been providing a showcase for North German films for the past 25 years, proving that these productions can assert themselves within the framework of an international festival such as Nordic Film Days Lübeck. More

  • New Festival DVD Edition “Northern Lights”, Volume 3

    Lübeck, 29.10.12 – Fans of the film character Jarle Klepp can now look forward to two films for their home cinema. On the occasion of this year’s Nordic Film Days Lübeck, the label good!movies is releasing a new festival DVD edition in a limited run. “Northern Lights”, Volume 3 presents three films that ran successfully at the festival during previous years, all contained in a fancy DVD box. More

  • The Documentary Film Programme Presents Views of People, Art, History and a Focus on Music

    Lübeck, 26.10.12 – The documentary film section at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck (31.10.-04.11.12) features seven short and 22 full-length documentaries. In one respect, this year’s programme is marked by portraits set in political and cultural environments: More

  • Prominent NDR Film Prize Jury Comprises Florian Lukas, Maria Solrun and Anno Saul

    Lübeck, 24.10.12 – The “NDR Film Prize” of Nordic Film Days Lübeck (31.10.-04.11.12) is endowed with 12,500 euros and has been awarded to “feature films of exceptional artistic quality” since 1990. More

  • “Specials” Section with Political History and Stories Set in the Icy Cold as well as “100 Years of Estonian Film”

    This year’s “Specials” section at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck (31.10. – 04.11.12) centres on the topic of “history”, mostly in a political context. More

  • Film programme and festival itinerary of Nordic Film Days Lübeck online - LN Magazin published on 21.10.12 – Ticket presales begin 28. October 2012

    Lübeck, 19.10.12 – The complete film programme of the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck is now online on the festival website – the list of films and all screening dates can be viewed under “Programme” at It is also possible to create personal festival itineraries online. The complete film programme is also published in the Nordic Film Days Lübeck catalogue, which is available as of Tuesday, 23. October 2012, for 9 euros at the following vending points. More

  • “Scandinavian Film Series” and preview of “The Day of Northern Germans” as NDR cooperations

    Lübeck, 15. October 2012 – As a long-standing media partner of Nordic Film Days Lübeck, the NDR North German Broadcasting Coporation traditionally accompanies the festival with a broadcast of “Skandinavische Filmreihe” (lit: “Scandinavian Film Series”). On the occasion of the 54. festival edition, NDR television is broadcasting altogether 12 outstanding Scandinavian films on eight nights between 27. October and 25. November. More

  • From bird-watching to a computer game thriller – films for young viewers boast a varied programme

    Unburdened, colourful, weird, sensitive, socio-critical and very courageous: the attributes of this year’s children’s and youth films at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck. A great number of films in the “Films for Young Viewers” section has its German premiere at the festival. Franziska Kremser-Klinkertz, Head of the section, on the broad range of the programme:“Irrespective of whether the films are cheerful and colourful, sad and contemplative or problematizing. Scandinavian filmmakers are once again addressing the target audience of children and adolescents in a most varied and demanding manner.” More

  • 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: Festival programme boasts major names and a colourful variety of topics

    New films by Bille August, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier, Jan Troell, Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

    Lübeck, 9. October 2012 – A total of 149 films is featured on the programme of the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck from 31. October to 4. November 2012. The film festival is Europe’s largest platform for current cinema from Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Northern Germany, and its 15 competing feature films alone feature four European premieres and eight German premieres. More

  • 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: KON-TIKI sails into the Hanseatic City – as the festival’s opening film and European premiere

    Lübeck, 21.09.12 – Nordic Film Days Lübeck is very happy and proud to present Norway’s most elaborate film production to date, KON-TIKI, as the opening film of the 54. Nordic Film Days 2012, also signifying its European premiere.The film has recently been submitted as Norway’s Oscar© candidate and has remained unrivalled at No.1 on the Norwegian cinema charts since its release: Never before has a cinema film been launched this successfully in Norway. Nordic Film Days Lübeck, whose 54. edition takes place from 31. October to 4. November 2012, is Europe’s largest film festival for Nordic cinema. More

  • 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: The industry event “Lübeck Meetings” further increases its positioning

    Lübeck, 19.09.12 – On 1. and 2. November 2012, “Lübeck Meetings” are once again hosting an international industry meeting as well as Industry Screenings at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck (31.10.-04.11.12). On both days of the Industry Screenings, industry guests from Germany and the Nordic countries are shown current top films from the festival’s participating countries, including regional productions from Northern Germany. A broad framework programme provides an opportunity for the exchange of the latest developments of the German and Nordic film markets. More

  • 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck: The 2012 Retrospective presents thrilling horror films from the North

    Lübeck, 17.09.12 – This year’s Retrospective at the 54. Nordic Film Days Lübeck provides high tension with its programme “Cold Horror – Shudders and Dread in Scandinavian Cinema from 1921 to 2011”. The series fittingly opens at Halloween, on 31.October 2012, guaranteeing the audience a broad selection of pleasantly chilling films.

  • CineStar increases its commitment at Nordic Film Days Lübeck and sponsors Filmforum Short Film Prize

    Lübeck, 28. August 2012 – The CineStar group is one of the main sponsors at Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Europe’s most significant film festival for films from Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and Northern Germany. This year it also sponsors the award for best short film in the Filmforum section, the North German section at Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The CineStar Prize is endowed with 3,000 euros and is being presented for the first time in 2012. The CineStar group thus further broadens its long-standing commitment as partner and sponsor of the festival. More

  • NORDIC FILM DAYS LÜBECK announces first programme details and developments

    Lübeck, 19th June 2012 – Europe’s largest festival of Nordic cinema, the 54th NORDIC FILM DAYS LÜBECK, takes place from 31st October to 4th November 2012, presenting innovative films from Scandinavia and the Baltic region. At today’s summer press conference, Annette Borns, Senator for Cultural Affairs of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, joins the two leading heads of Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Linde Fröhlich (Artistic Director) and Christian Modersbach (Festival Manager), to announce first programme details and developments. More

  • New Head of Press at NORDIC FILM DAYS LÜBECK

    Silke Lehmann is new Head of Press and Public Relations at NORDIC FILM DAYS LÜBECK. The 44-year-old graduated in cultural studies, journalism and communication studies as well as political science. She has spent several years working as a PR agent in the film industry and has a wide experience of cultural and festival work, e.g. for the International Film Festival in Berlin. More

  • NFL Thanks Christine Berg for Her Commitment as Intendant

    Senator Annette Borns and the entire team at Nordic Film Days Lübeck (NFL) would like to express their happiness for Christine Berg, who has been elected Deputy Director of the FFA German Federal Film Board. The team has already congratulated her in person directly after the decision a few weeks ago, thanking her for her long-standing commitment to NFL. More

  • Audience of 27,000 people attended 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    As it comes to its close, the 53rd edition of Nordic Film Days can look back on a successful season. An audience of about 27,000 people attended the film presentations and supporting events at the renowned film festival, thus maintaining the record audience number set in the previous year. More

  • “King of Devil’s Island” from Norway Is The Winning Film at 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    The Norwegian drama ”King of Devil’s Island” by director Marius Holst is the winning film at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The thrilling recount of a rebellion on a prison island in the Oslofjord in 1915, starring Stellan Skarsgård, has won both the renowned NDR Award for Best Feature Film and the much coveted Lübecker Nachrichten Audience Award. More