Exploitation Star Christina Lindberg Is Guest of Honour at Nordic Film Days Lübeck

 Christina Lindberg, Quentin Tarantino"I love Christina Lindberg. She's Sweden's coolest actress", says cult director Quentin Tarantino about the actress Christina Lindberg, who is invited as guest of honour to Nordic Film Days Lübeck in early November. The festival's Retrospective pays homage to the Swedish actress by showing her classics "Exposed" (1971) and "Anita, Swedish Nymphet" (1973). Alongside Christina Lindberg, Nordic Film Days Lübeck welcomes the film archivist and expert on Scandinavian exploitation cinema Rickard Gramfors from Stockholm and film historian Jack Stevenson from Copenhagen, who presents his latest publication "Scandinavian Blue - The Erotic Cinema of Sweden and Denmark" in Lübeck.

Christina Lindberg initially worked as a model before achieving international fame to this day by acting in a series of spectacular exploitation films in the 1970s. Numerous fan-sites on the Internet are dedicated to the cult around Christina Lindberg. She inspired Quentin Tarantino to create the figure played by Daryl Hannah in his film "Kill Bill". In the 1980s, Christina Lindberg gave up her film career and began working in journalism. Today she is the editor of "Flygrevyn", Sweden's leading aviation magazine.

Christina Lindberg in "Exposed"

Entitled "The Scandinavian Seduction: LOVE - WELFARE - SEX in 1950s to 1070s Scandinavian Cinema" the Retrospective of the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck is dedicated to the permissive depiction of love and sexuality subdivided into the following thematic foci:

Sex education: The documentary films "More Sex Please - We Are Scandinavians!" (2002) and "Language of Love" (1969) convey historical and practical knowledge on the subject.

Living on love alone: The film classics "One Summer of Happiness" (1951), "Summer with Monika" (1953) and "The Wayward Girl" (1959) portray the relationships of young couples in the 1950s, discovering their sexuality in the outdoors.

Sex & pop: "The Flamboyant Sex" (1961), "Skin, Skin" (1966), "Inga" (1968) and "Quiet Days in Clichy" (1970) show 1960s sexuality as part of a youth movement, embedded in clique culture and pop music.

Politics versus pornography: Intentionally socio-critical, "Gift" (1966), "I Am Curious - Yellow" (1967), "Portraits of Women" (1970) and "Dear Irene" (1971) represent sexuality caught between commercial exploitation and political agitation.

Homage to Christina Lindberg: The Swedish actress was an international star in the 1970s. Here, she plays the lead roles in "Exposed" (1971) and "Anita, Swedish Nymphet" (1973) - and will be at the festival in person.

Photos: Klubb Super8, SFI