Nordic Film Days presents talk about the “Norwegian Film Wave”

Jan Erik Holst, long-standing head of the foreign department at the Norwegian Film Institute gives a talk about the "Norwegian Film Wave" - and how it began. Norwegian cinema was long overshadowed by its Scandinavian neighbours. Swedish cinema was being discussed, the Finnish Kaurismäki brothers, the Danish Dogma movement. Even in their homeland, Norwegian films were not particularly popular. Less than ten percent of the annual cinema audiences decided to see Norwegian films. But the breakthrough came in 2001, first within Norway, then abroad. The audience and the press were suddenly enthusiastic about Norwegian cinema, which began to run at international festivals and cinemas, e.g. in Germany. The lecture takes place on 2.11.2010 at 7.30pm in the large hall at DIE GEMEINNÜTZIGE, Königstraße 5, 23552 Lübeck.

Norwegian success in 2009: "Upperdog" by Sarah Johnsen