Documentaries: Men in Extreme Situations and Films with Social Volatility

The 27 contributions to the documentary film programme at the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck feature men in extreme situations and topics of far-reaching social volatility: Janus Metz’ “Armadillo” recounts the loss of orientation experienced by young Danish soldiers in Afghanistan and caused a medium-sized national crisis in Denmark. Iceland’s contribution “Dreamland” by Thorfinnur Gudnason and Andri Snær Magnason gives an account of how the construction of a vast dam is splitting an entire nation. And Elsa Kvamme’s “King’s of Oslo” gives a voice to Norwegian schoolchildren, who give insight into their everyday lives and their dreams for the future.

Finland’s “Steam of Life” shows men sweating in the sauna as they tell of things they would otherwise keep to themselves, while Sweden’s “Men Who Swim” is about the rise of a synchronized swimming team. Another Swedish film, “Regretters”, is about men who had undergone a sex change to become women and now wish to become men again. “Freetime Machos” shows the private sides to a Finnish rugby team. Other contributions to the documentary film programme include “Sounds Under the Sun” from Latvia, about six modern composers, and “Estonian Stories: World Champion”, about an 83-year old pole-vaulter who wants to break the world record.