Nordic Film Days Lübeck rolls out carpet for new Scandinavian, Baltic and North German cinema

From 3rd to 7th November the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck is showing 140 feature, short and documentary films from Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Northern Germany on eight screens in Lübeck's cinemas. The festival is opened by the bizarre music comedy "Sound of Noise" by Swedish directors Ola Simonssen and Johannes Stärne Nilsson. The feature film competition includes the newest directing efforts by Pernilla August, Bent Hamer, Fridrik Thór Fridriksson, Jörn Donner and Per Fly. The festival also features the latest films by Finnish director Dome Karukoski, Petter Næss from Norway and Hannes Holm from Sweden. Festival guests will include Swedish star Christina Lindberg - who attained a cult status in the 1970s with films such as "Anita, Swedish Nymphet" -, producer Ib Tardini and scriptwriter Kim Fupz Aakeson from Denmark, director Hans Petter Moland from Norway, director Jörn Donner from Finland as well as producer Åke Sandgren and up-and-coming actor Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs from Sweden. German guests include the young stars Frederick Lau and Miriam Stein.

The presentation of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck awards as well as the North German Film Prize of the State Governments of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein will take place within the framework of the Film Prize Night on 6th November at Theater Lübeck. Nordic Film Days Lübeck is hosting its second film market for Scandinavian productions as well as a Film Days party for all festival fans. This year the use of Lübecker Kolosseum as a screening venue is extended to four screenings per festival day.

The complete list of films running at the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck is available for download here: programme_2010_nordic_film_days_luebeck.pdf.