Scandinavian film series continues

The popular Scandinavian film series at the Filmhaus cinema in Lübeck, initiated last year on the occasion of Nordic Film Days’ 50th anniversary, continues into its second year. It starts on Tuesday, 31st March with the Icelandic feature film "Nói Albínói" from the year 2002. Subsequently, every last Tuesday of the month features the presentation of a further Scandinavian cinema highlight at 8pm. These include modern classics such as the Swedish comedy "Illusive Tracks" (2003), the Norwegian drama "The Brothersome Man (2006) and the Danish Dogma film "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue" (2003). The series is supported by enterprises from Lübeck, who act as sponsors for individual cinema presentations respectively. After a winter break, the Scandinavian film series will be carried on in February 2010.

Dates for 2009:

31st March
Nói Albínói
Iceland 2003, Director: Dagur Kári
Sponsor: Grafix

28th April
Illusive Tracks
Sweden 2003, Director: Peter Dalle
Sponsor: Dr. Büsgen

26th May
You, the Living
Sweden 2007, Director: Roy Andersson
Sponsor: Manchester Grosse

30th June
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
Denmark 2003, Director: Natasha Arthy
Sponsor: Ultimo

28th July
The Brothersome Man
Norway 2006, Director: Jens Lien
Sponsor: Lübecker Nachrichten

25th August
To Love Someone
Sweden 2007, Director: Åke Sandgren
Sponsor: Diercks und Elsner

29th September
Stealing Rembrandt
Denmark 2003, Director: Jannik Johansen
Sponsor: Panzerknacker

27th October
Sweden 2004, Director: Maria Blom
Sponsor: Colibri

24th November
Kitchen Stories
Norway 2003, Director: Bent Hamer
Sponsor: Sitzart

The presentations begin at 8pm.

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