Feature films: from contemporary thriller to star-cast marriage drama

A high tension thriller, marriage dramas in the tradition of Ingmar Bergman, impressionist metropolitan films: the feature film programme of the 51st Nordic Film Days Lübeck contains the full diversity of Nordic cinema. The festival opens with the romantic Norwegian film “The Orange Girl” by Eva Dahr, which thematizes cross-generational faith in the power of love. The atmospheric metropolitan films “Upperdog” by Sara Johnsen and “Vegas” by Gunnar Vikene are also Norwegian contibutions. Nicolo Donato’s “Brotherhood” is a work of provoking emotional cinema from Denmark, a gay love story set in a Danish neo-Nazi environment. In “Aching Hearts”, the Danish old master Nils Malmros presents a variation of the motifs of his highly successful film “Tree of Knowledge”, while Rumle Hammerich presents “Headhunter”, a gripping political thriller. From Sweden, “A Rational Solution” by Jörgen Bergmark is a marriage drama in the tradition of Ingmar Bergman, starring Pernilla August and Rolf Lassgård. Pernilla August also stars in the mother-son drama “Miss Kicki” by Håkon Liu, set in Taipei. Director Klaus Härö from Finland has received numerous awards at Nordic Film Days Lübeck. This year he presents “Letters to Father Jacob”, a moving character study about guilt and forgiveness. Also from Finland: the epic “Hellsinki” by Aleksi Mäkelä about the rise and fall of two drug dealers in Helsinki’s most infamous quarter. The Icelandic contribution “Reykjavik – Rotterdam” by Oskar Jonasson is an action comedy about a man from Iceland who tries to smuggle alcohol from Rotterdam to Reykjavik. The urban road movie “Low Lights” by Ignas Miskinis comes from Lithuania.