Stars from Scandinavia and Germany to visit 51st Nordic Film Days Lübeck

Top class guests from Scandinavia and Germany will be in Lübeck from 4th to 7th November to present their latest productions in the programme of the 51st Nordic Film Days Lübeck: master director Nils Mamros from Denmark returns to Lübeck to present his latest cinema success “Aching Hearts”. In 1982 his now classic youth drama “Tree of Knowledge” won the Lübecker Nachrichten Audience Prize. The Finnish director Klaus Härö, who has won several awards for his films “Elina: As If I Wasn’t There” and “Mother of Mine” at Nordic Film Days Lübeck, is presenting his intense intimate play “Letters to Father Jacob”. Gunnar Vikene from Norway, who received the 2003 LN Audience Prize for “Falling Sky”, is bringing his road movie “Vegas” to Lübeck. And numerous young directors will be on location, presenting their productions in person: they include Ivica Zubak (“Dreams”), Håkon Liu (“Miss Kicki”) and Jörgen Bergmark (“A Rational Solution”) from Sweden, Saara Cantell (“Heartbeats”) from Finland and Ignas Miskinis (“Low Lights”) from Lithuania.

The opening film “The Orange Girl”, a moving homage to true love after the bestselling novel of the same name by Jostein Gaarder, will be attended by the author of the literary original, Jostein Gaarder, the director Eva Dahr, the producers Axel Helgeland and Helmut G. Weber and the main actors Mikkel Bratt Silset and Emilie K. Beck.

The two stars of the Danish youth drama “Aching Hearts”, Simone Tang and Thomas Ernst, will be on location in Lübeck, as will Mads Pettersen and Bang Chau, who star in the Norwegian urban film “Upperdog”. Swedish shooting star Zandra Andersson, who plays the title role in “Starring Maja”, will also attend the 51st Nordic Film Days Lübeck. “Vegas”-stars Karoline Stemre and Jeorgen Hausberg will come from Norway, and Amanda Pilke, who stars in “Forbidden Fruit” will come from Finland. Furthermore, the Danish star Jesper Christensen, who has acted in numerous Danish feature films, as well as being the villain in two “James Bond” films, will be in Lübeck.

The 51st Nordic Film Days Lübeck will also be attended by several high-profile members of the German film and TV industry, presenting their latest productions in the Filmforum section, the North German section of the festival: besides Katja Flint (“The Prodigal Son”), the festival will be attended by actors Kai Wiesinger, Dietmar Bär, Axel Milberg and Peter Kurth. Directing star Fatih Akin will present his latest cinema success “Soul Kitchen”. Director Anno Saul will present his unusual mystery thriller “The Door”, starring the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen aside Heike Makatsch and Jessica Schwarz. Director Nina Grosse (“The Prodigal Son”) will also be in Lübeck.