Media Educators recommend "Mystery of the Wolf" and "Bitter Sweetheart"

Media Educators reviewed the cildren and youth programme of the 49th Nordic Film Days Lübeck and recommend the following films for distribution in German cinemas:

Suden arvoitus / Das Geheimnis des Wolfs / Mystery of the Wolf
directed by Raimo O Niemi
Finland 2006

"A children's film dealing with topics - like family conflicts and the protection of wild wolves - children will be touched by. The story is embedded in marvellous photography of nature."

Linas kvällsbok / Linas Tagebuch / Bitter Sweetheart
directed by Hella Joof
Sweden 2007

"A film for young people that accompanies the coming of age of a girl. Her development, her first experiences with love and sex are painful. The storytelling is absolutely credible. The film catches the emotions of the spectators from the very beginning to the end. The film encourages young people to follow their own way."

Text: Ulrich Ehlers

4 november 2007