What the press had to say about the 47th Nordic Film Days Lübeck

"The 47th edition of the most important forum for Nordic films was once again a complete success. Great cinema, very great festival!"

Hamburger Morgenpost

"Cinema at its best: an exquisite programme, sold-out theatres and lively discussions after fine experiences."
Aftenposten, Oslo

"November is grey elsewhere, for the Nordic Film Days Lübeck light up the city. The cosiest film festival in Germany!"
TV Movie

"The most important work survey of northern European film outside of Scandinavia."
Deutsche Presseagentur

"Unrivalled worldwide."
Tip Magazin, Berlin

"The Nordic Film Days Lübeck are the gateway to Germany and carry on the tradition of trade with the North in a very modern way. They are and remain the most important playground for Nordic film."
Aftenposten, Oslo

The old Hanseatic city of Lübeck is not only one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. It is also the town where every year in November one can gain a greater overview of Nordic film art than in anywhere else in the North."
Berlingske Tidende, Kopenhagen

"The largest manifestation of Nordic cinema outside the Nordic countries is getting even larger."
Nordic Film News, Oslo

"The Film Days have proven their attraction once more with an extremely strong programme. And the numerous producers and distributors who attended the festival demonstrate that Lübeck has long since come to function as a marketplace for the increasingly popular cinema from the North."
Kieler Nachrichten

5 May 2006

"Cinema at this level, which the Nordic Film Days offer, belongs decisively to the image of this city. The Film Days are indispensable - for Lübeck and the cinema world."
Lübecker Nachrichten

"Lübeck lived up to its reputation as an audience festival and provided good marketing for demanding cinema."
filmecho/filmwoche, Wiesbaden

"And there will again be festival attendees who sit there wrapt in thought at the Lübeck train station on Sunday night until the last train finally allows no further delay and they have to part at least physically from this wonderful festival."
Die Welt