The Award Winners of the Cinegate Prize and the ComLine Prize in the Filmforum Schleswig-Holstein

The Cinegate Prize is awarded to Lars Henning for the film


Motivation of the Jury:
"A convincingly directed story set in an anonymous supermarket that transports the viewer with great power into the bleak daily routine of a security man. The film takes its time to develop the characters and make their hopes, fears and longings palpable and mirrors them in a few wintry exterior shots that make one begin to freeze. A shoplifter not only arouses a feeling of pity in the protagonist, but even a tinge of love. But then suddenly the balance of power is reversed: nothing is as certain as it appears – not even for the viewer! A social parable that moves us."

The ComLine Prize is awarded to Maria Reinhardt for the short film

Mrs. Kubinsky

Motivation of the Jury:
A small, courageous film that is not afraid to follow shining examples. A cleverly woven story with a gripping showdown. Despite a certain unevenness, intelligent directing with skilful use of the simple means available. The Jury has decided to award the ComLine Prize to Maria Reinhardt so that the young physics student can realize further film projects."

4 november 2006