Children’s Tower of Babylon

Percy, Buffalo Bill & Ich

„Percy, Buffalo Bill & I“, Director: Anders Gustafsson, Sweden 2005

Our youngest cineastes don’t have an easy time understanding the films in the Children’s and Youth programme: they hear the sound in a foreign language, see the mostly English subtitles and listen, above the original language, to the German commentary spoken by our experts for all of the younger children’s films.
This has fortunately not dimmed their enthusiasm in any way, and generations of children have grown into generations of Nordic Film Days fans since our beginnings in 1956.
For those adults who love children’s and youth films but don’t understand German, virtually all of the films are screened in the original language and with English subtitles, with the exception of the Finnish film “Unna & Nuuk”, which has no subtitles. The screenings of films for age 14 and older are without German commentary, but normally with English subtitles.

There are a few exceptions in the Children’s and Youth Retrospective, however: “Belma”, “300 Miles to Heaven” and “We Can Be Heroes” are screened in the German synchronized version, while “Jalla! Jalla!” is in Swedish with German subtitles.

The versions are listed in the catalogue, which does not, however, mention the films with German commentary. They are listed in the LN screening schedule.

26 october 2006