The Award Winners of the 48th Nordic Film Days

1:1 (One to One)The Award Winners of the 48th Nordic Film Days Lübeck

NDR Film Prize
1:1 (En til en) / 1:1 (One to One)
directed by Annette K. Olesen
Denmark 2006
Statement of the Jury: "We were particularly impressed by the interweaving of the political and the private. Strong human conflicts are mirrored in complex characters who are skilfully staged. Exemplary situations from the inner life of two families are set in the external framework of a housing estate. Not 1:4000, but rather 1:1."

Special Mention for the actor Martti Suosalo in the film Kalteva torni / The Leaning Tower by Timo Koivusalo, Finland

Audience Prize of the "Lübecker Nachrichten"
1:1 (En til en) / 1:1 (One to One)
directed by Annette K. Olesen
Denmark 2006

Baltic Film Prize for a Nordic Feature Film
Gymnaslærer Pedersen / Comrade Pedersen
directed by Hans Petter Moland
Norway 2006
Statement of the Jury: "
Time is a very important element in filmmaking, from the film speed to the pacing of the action, to the historical context of the story. The Baltic Films prize itself is very original this year and reflects this idea of time, and the film we have selected is also very original. The film brings out the essence of the grotesque and human aspects of a time frame – like the gold in the bucket is the essence of the prize. For showing how the ideological circumstances test a society and its people in an artistically impressive and psychologically deep film, the Baltic Films Prize goes to the Norwegian film Comrade Pedersen by Hans Petter Moland."

Interfilm Church Prize
1:1 (En til en) / 1:1 (One to One)
directed by Annette K. Olesen
Denmark 2006
Statement of the Jury: "The film shows the extreme tension in the coexistence of different cultures, together and apart from each other. A youthful love is destroyed through ignorance, mistrust and an act of violence. The film courageously seizes upon a burning issue of our society and realizes it with excellent cinematic means and high dramatic achievement in a sensitive and focused way. "

Special Mention an Frozen City by Aku Louhimies
Statement of the Jury: "
The film shows with high artistic quality the understandable downfall of a man who is broken through the separation from his family; in the end there is hope of a new beginning."

Documentary Film Prize of the Lübeck Trade Unions
Tupakkatytöt / Tobacco Girls
directed by Tarja Mattila
Finland 2006
Statement of the Jury: "
Director Tarja Mattila does not despair of her own long period of unemployment, but rather declares her solidarity through the film with Karolina, Tuula and Raija, three factory workers who are out of work. We were impressed by the commitment of the filmmaker in occupying herself over a long period of time with the topic of unemployed women. She succeeded in making a film that shows small but optimistic chances for all of the people involved."

Children's and Youth Film Prize of the Nordic Film Institutes
directed by Arild Fröhlich
Norway 2005
Statement of the Jury: "The Norwegian feature film “Pitbullterje” directed by Arild Fröhlich fascinates through its atmospheric density, its dry humour and the children’s excellent performances. It treats a serious topic with cinematic ease. The short animated episodes from the world of Playmobil, in which Jim takes refuge, are skillfully interwoven with the plot."

Prize of the children's jury
Tempelriddernes skat / Der verlorene Schatz der Tempelritter / The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar
directed by Kasper Barfoed
Denmark 2006

Special Mention
Percy, Buffalo Bill & jag / Percy, Buffalo Bill & ich / Percy, Buffalo Bill & I
directed by Anders Gustafsson
Sweden 2005

Statement of the jury: "We, the Children’s Jury, had the task over the past few days of watching six children’s films and selecting our favourite among them, which is receiving an award valued at 2,500 Euros. It was an exciting and interesting experience that gave us a lot of pleasure. In choosing the winning film there was a unanimous decision, because it was exciting, gripping, interesting, funny, instructive, or in other words, simply recommendable. But first we want to give a Special Mention to our second favourite film “Percy, Buffalo Bill & I” by Andres Gustafsson. This sad but crazily funny story kept us stuck to our cinema seats. But now we want to reveal our secret and announce our winner. And the winner is: “The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar” by Kasper Barfoed.

ComLine Prize
Frau Kubinsky / Mrs. Kubinsky
directed by Maria Reinhardt
Germany 2006
Motivation of the Jury: "A small, courageous film that is not afraid to follow shining examples. A cleverly woven story with a gripping showdown. Despite a certain unevenness, intelligent directing with skilful use of the simple means available. The Jury has decided to award the ComLine Prize to Maria Reinhardt so that the young physics student can realize further film projects."

Cinegate Prize
directed by Lars Henning
Germany 2006
Motivation of the Jury: "A convincingly directed story set in an anonymous supermarket that transports the viewer with great power into the bleak daily routine of a security man. The film takes its time to develop the characters and make their hopes, fears and longings palpable and mirrors them in a few wintry exterior shots that make one begin to freeze. A shoplifter not only arouses a feeling of pity in the protagonist, but even a tinge of love. But then suddenly the balance of power is reversed: nothing is as certain as it appears – not even for the viewer! A social parable that moves us."

4 november 2006