Atlantic RhapsodyAtlantic Rhapsody – 52 myndir úr Tórshavn / Atlantic Rhapsody – 52 Bilder aus Tórshavn

Retrospective, Denmark / Faroer 1989, 80 Min.

Atlantic Rhapsody – 52 myndir úr Tórshavn

Karin Ottarsdottír's debut film put the Faroe Islands, an autonomous province within the kingdom of Denmark, on the map of international cinematography. “Atlantic Rhapsody” is no ordinary feature film, but a caleidoscope, semi-documentary narration about the smallest capital in the world. “The film's title is ironic, as the 52 scenes of island life do by no means attempt to turn this imposing rock in the middle of the Atlantic into some sort of romantic tourist attraction", wrote film critic Derek Malcolm in 1989. “Katrin Ottarsdottír is much rather concerned with depicting the peculiarities of local everyday life, the chasm between the traditions of the old inhabitants and the aspirations of the younger generations – as well as the conflict of staying connected to the outside world while retaining the own identity and language.”

Director Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Screenplay Katrin Ottarsdóttir, Lars Johansson

Cast Erling Eysturoy, Elin Karbech Mouritsen, Páil Danielsen, Mikkjal Helmsdal, Birita Mohr, Hjordis Heindriksdóttir, Asa Lüthhoft, Sverri Egholm, Elis Poulsen, Egi Darn

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