Masterclass: Marko Röhr

Event Masterclass: Marko Röhr

Date On 1st November 2019

Time 09:30

Location CineStar 4 (screening), Museum for Nature and Environment, Musterbahn 8, Lübeck (masterclass)

Masterclass: Marko Röhr - Capturing Nature to Preserve Nature

he nature documentary genre is gaining in importance. Nature films are popular with audiences and dedicated nature film festivals are booming. The more people that live in cities, the greater the longing for unspoiled nature and wild animals. There is a great longing to experience the beautiful sides of our planet – or at least cinematic visions of it on the TV or movie screen. At the same time, there is growing awareness that nature is under increasing threat from climate change, or the ruthless exploitation and destruction of natural resources. There is an ever-greater push for political commitment to fight that. This presents new challenges for filmmakers. How do you find an appropriate and poetic way to depict the beauty of nature and sensitise viewers to the preservation of nature?  

For Marko Röhr, it is a fight against time. He sees it as his mission to capture the great beauty of nature on film, in order to preserve it for future generations before it disappears forever; film as a link between man and nature, and as a wake-up call for climate and environmental protection. Marko Röhr, born in 1961, is one of Finland’s most important film producers. He has also directed numerous documentaries and TV reports, most recently “Tale of a Forest” (NFL 2013) and “Tale of a Lake” (NFL 2017). He has also directed numerous underwater films since 1992, including “Underwater Iceland” (NFL 1998), which won prizes at 13 festivals.

Nature Symphony / Luontosinfonia
FI 2019, 71 min., without dialogue – see p. 34

Public screening
Wed., Oct 30, 10:45 pm, CineStar 6
Sa., 2.11., 1:45 pm, CineStar 6

Screening and masterclass with Marko Röhr, moderated by Sebastian Baltzer, journalist and expert on Scandinavia
Fri., Nov 1, 9:30 am, CineStar 4 (screening)
Fr., Nov 1, 11:00 am, Museum for Nature and Environment, Musterbahn 8, Lübeck (masterclass) 

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