Events & Cooperations

Silent Film Concerts

Screening of the films Hamlet and Girl in Tails, accompanied by live music, as part of the 64th Nordic Film Days Lübeck in the "Retrospective" section.




Many scenes of the horror classic "Nosferatu - Symphony of Horror" by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of its premiere this year, were shot in northern Germany in the early 1920s.



Special exhibition "Guter Stoff"

The special exhibition "Guter Stoff" at the useum in Lübeck highlights the fascinating history of the production, trade and consumption of fabrics, as well as the importance of clothing to medieval society. Leena Kilpeläinen, director of the film Maija Isola - Master of Colour and Form which is about a Finnish designer, will take part in the guided tour.



Laboratory for Immersive Media

The Laboratory for Immersive Media at the Lübeck University of Technology realizes cultural, artistic and scientific projects. The lab focuses on aesthetically sophisticated productions for various immersive media such as the 360-degree projection dome, virtual reality and augmented reality.



Traditional concert party

The 64th Nordic Film Days will once again feature the traditional concert party. This year, the Icelandic-German alternative pop duo DAINA LOU, the Danish world music duo MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO and the Swedish artist KATJA KOMOREBI will perform.



Nordic Book Lounge

In cooperation with the Lübeck City Library and Skanbo Lübeck we invite you to browse between the films.



The Street of Poetry

In Lübeck's Mengstraße you will find multimedia events on five evenings. People virtually emerge from the historical facades and recite lyrical texts.