Dark Silence of Childhood

Event Dark Silence of Childhood

Date On 31st October 2019

Time 18:00

Location St. Petri, Petrikirchhof, Lübeck

Dark Silence of Childhood - multi-media performance

“The Dark Silence of Childhood” is a very special concert that combines new music, video art, and audience participation into a comprehensive aesthetic experience. The project is also a cultural encounter and a composite work, created by artists in the fields of music, poetry, and film. Three musicians sit around a space – a grand piano in the centre surrounded by an audience divided into two half-circles, and flanked by the cello and percussion. The interior of the church of St. Petri is lighted only by film installations.

The composition “Dark Silence” by Dane Kuno Kjærbye is based on the poem Year by the Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl (1887 – 1914). The poem’s text was animated by filmmaker Maria MacDalland and combined with the animations of the musicians onstage and the previously recorded audience, to create a forceful sensory experience.

The audience becomes a part of the choreography, tasked with moving chairs and the pianist. That collective movement is recorded and shown live onscreen, where it is overlaid onto recordings from previous performances in other spaces. The result is a feeling of community and a kind of timeless and imaginary space above and beyond the
immediate physicality.

German premiere
Kuno Kjaerbye (composer) / Maria MacDalland (video artist) / Stine Rejnholdt (production) / Daniel Sorour (cello) / Ninon Gloger (piano) / Jonathan Shapiro (percussion)

Thu., Oct 31, 6 pm
St. Petri, Petrikirchhof, Lübeck
Admission € 15, discounted € 6

For advance ticket sales call +49 179 6871145 or via www.klangrauschen.com; tickets at the box office (5 - 6 pm)