Short Film Awards go to "Taxi to Daydream" and "The Dinner Society"

The Cinegate Prize goes to "Taxi to Daydream". Its unconventional, interwoven plot has been very successfully transposed in the editing and is worthy of the highest praise. Furthermore, the jury would like to commend the lovingly portrayed characters, who typify their respective cultural groups in an exceptional manner, without being reduced to stereotypes. Taxi to Daydream

The Comline Prize goes to the film "The Dinner Society". Simplistic graphical means help take the craving for recognition within "society circles" ad absurdum. In particular the participants' monologues in the guise of table talk demonstrate a good ear for detail. In appreciation and support of the director's potential, the jury would like to award this prize to filmmaker Tobi Degenhardt. Tischgesellschaft