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Michael Boutellier und Liv Ullmann
Bürgermeister Michael Bouteiller schmückt
Liv Ullmann mit dem Lübecker Holstentor
  »I am very pleased to be associated with the Nordic Film Days because for forty years now Lübeck has provided an important forum for filmmakers from Scandinavia and the Baltic, helping to spread the appreciation of our cinema across our borders and throughout Germany.«  
Liv Ullmann

  »I was very pleased to be honoured with the NDR Prize last year because the Nordic Film Days have done more than any other festival to support the cause and spread the fame of Scandinavian cinema abroad.«
Bille August

  »For me going to the Nordic Film Days is like going home again - it's a small, cozy, but very exciting festival that has done a whole lot to draw attention to Scandinavian films.«   Erland Josphson
Der schwedische Schauspieler Erland Josephson,
ein gern gesehener Gast in Lübeck
Erland Josephson